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Wilding Water Kefir

From the shop owner

My water kefir is live, vegan and fermented. It is a cousin of kombucha but instead of the ‘mother’ fermenting in tea it is fermented in water. It is caffeine free, low sugar, low alcohol and naturally carbonated. My flavours are Lime & Mint and Rhubarb & Ginger.
I am passionate about this drink being made using traditional techniques so the drink is authentic and completely natural. How it used to be and how it should be. No pasteurisation!

My baby daughter was incredibly ill and traditional treatments were having no affect. Living with a child that was getting increasingly ill was torture. We had tried everything. Then a nutritionist recommended probiotics and she seems to be magic. I wanted to know what these things were. Why hadn’t the doctors told me about them? What were they? Why are they so important to gut health and overall health?

This led me to the fascinating world of fermented foods and drinks. Where I could make wild probiotics for my family. I tried milk kefir, kombucha and finally water kefir. It was water kefir that my family would drink and so that is what I made! I made so much of it I gave I away to friends and family which led me to start selling at Farmers Markets. And now I’m delighted to supply shops across Brighton & Hove including Infinity Foods, Kindly, Health Rebels and Kernel of Hove. And you can also order directly from me online.

Why we love

Wilding Water Kefir

I absolutely love businesses that are born out of necessity and a desire to find answers. A journey that began with the wellbeing of Roisin's daughter has now grown into a blossoming business, with Roisin moving into a brewery to become a fully fledged brewess next month.

Aligning herself with the 'kindness' economy - where every pound spent supports local people and local communities - Roisin's business prides itself on the shop local ethos. So, naturally, her ingredient suppliers are 100% Sussex based. And she supplies shops, and does free home deliveries, across Brighton and Hove. Very cool.

Roisin also runs fermenting workshops (paused for the time being) which I think would make a great gift - I'd love to go on one! I can't wait to give Roisin's Water Kefir a try, I truly think my body will thank me for it! What a fabulous business!


 Thanks for looking! 

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