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Wick Studio

From the shop owner

Hello and welcome to Wick Studio!

We are a Brighton-based studio formed by one creative couple and a crazy dog, founded during lockdown of 2021. We will be coming out with various ranges of candles, candleholders, vases, and prints in the near future so keep your eyes peeled. All of our products will be original and created by us and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Please note, all of our products are vegan and sustainably sourced to the best of our abilities.

We have loved spending time creating our perfect blends for Wick Studio’s first candle range. Each blend has been created to suit particular moods and/or reminisce on fond memories. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating our first range of candles, every step of the way and can’t wait for what is to come.

Why we love

Wick Studio

Gorgeous candles that I have tried and tested (thank you Wick Studio!). Each candle comes in a branded jar and is paper wrapped and sealed with a wax stamp. Wonderful attention to detail like this tells me that Wick Studio are taking notice of the small stuff. And I'm a big fan of the small stuff! I'm currently burning their Beach Days candle and its beautiful scent (combined with the sun currently shining through my window) is making me believe that anything is possible. I can't guarantee you any sunshine, but I can be confident that Wick Studio's small-batch blends will put a smile on your face.

A small business in its early days, I can't wait to see what they are going to get up to next! Go and take a look at their site and indulge in some truly unique gifting - all whilst safe in the knowledge you're supporting a new upcoming brand (kudos to you!).


 Thanks for looking! 

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