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We Help Tees

From the shop owner

My name is Aye. I'm of Burmese origin but have lived in the UK since I was a baby. I'm a mum of 2 and living in Brighton, England. I wanted to do something to help those struggling in Myanmar as well as honour those brave souls who fought and lost their lives.

I've designed these Tees to raise money for emergency aid, raise awareness and spread a message of hope for those battling everyday for basic human rights.

"Everything will be ok" : Why this slogan?
One of the many young people who lost her life protesting, was 19yr old Kyal Sin, nicknamed "Angel". She was wearing a T-shirt with this slogan when she died from a single bullet to the head during a protest in Mandalay on Mar 3. The junta have now shut down the internet in Myanmar, so news is much more restricted. I wanted a message that will bring hope to all young people there and so when you wear it, please send a positive thought to those still fighting. Repost with #helpmyanmarTees and share as much as you can.

100% profit goes to aid projects that help the people of Myanmar.

Why we love

We Help Tees

I spotted Aye's campaign on Instagram earlier this week and leapt at the chance to put this great cause on Brighton Unwrapped. Raising vital funds for the people of Myanmar, these tee shirts also offer a way to help raise awareness and hope.

With tee shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags there are plenty of ways to help support Aye's campaign - and 100% of the profit goes to aid projects that help the people of Myanmar.

If you're local to Brighton, you can even buy one of these tee shirts in Preloved (Fiveways) and Harlem (Portland Rd). Both sell vintage and designer seconds only and have offered kindly to sell Aye's Tee shirts with no charge from them. So a high five to those lovely businesses too! And of course, you can also buy directly from the We Help Tees website - just click SHOP.


 Thanks for looking! 

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