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Wabi Sabi Pop

From the shop owner

Hi, I’m Karla and I have been working with polymer clay for more than 7 years.

I founded Wabi Sabi Pop to fulfil my crafting needs and because I wanted fun hair accessories for my daughter, with bright and bold colours; blacks, reds, oranges, greens and… there were none. There is too much pink out there, and let's be honest: too many unicorns!

So I started making them. All of my pieces are carefully handmade in small batches that’s why each one of them is unique. They are covered in resin for extra durability and shine, although some of my pieces are matte.

They come in many patterns and colours to choose from. I'm sure that you and your little fashionista will find something perfect for every occasion.

Why we love

Wabi Sabi Pop

I think Karla's handmade hair accessories are just great. With a little girl of my own, I understand the fight against the pink unicorns. Not as though we don't like pink, or unicorns - but choice can never be a bad thing. Some days it just feels more like a multi-coloured cat day.

I think Karla's handmade accessories make such a great gift too - step away from Claire's Accessories and support a lovely small-batch business instead! And with ever-changing designs, there's something for everyone. Go and take a look at Wabi Sabi Pop's current collections!


 Thanks for looking!