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Mince pies.jpeg

Twit Twoo Bakery

From the shop owner

Founded in 2013, I (Ione) started Twit Twoo Bakery to create inventive, affordable and fun treats for the Brighton masses (and beyond).

I make bakes for any occasion from my small home bakery as well as post brownies, cake jars and cookies nationwide so everyone for everyone to enjoy!

Why we love

Twit Twoo Bakery

So, why do I love Twit Twoo Bakery? In a word, cake. But cake isn't the only reason (I'm not that shallow!). There's also customisable cake jars (that sound amazing!) ,brownies and cookies - all delivered locally or nationally.

Ione also makes celebration cakes for any occasion, and can do vegan, soy free, etc. And, apparently, she loves a challenge, so if you have any crazy cake ideas, she could be just the baker you're looking for. Go and make your cake dreams come true!


 Thanks for looking! 

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