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Mince pies.jpeg
Mince pies.jpeg

Texas Sun Crafts

From the shop owner

I'm Leah. I'm a part time maker/gardener/social worker/teacher from East Texas. I make cute crafts with soft materials such as wool, fabric, and felt. I make everything from jackets and slippers to crocheted cacti and pumpkins to hobby horses - as long as it's cute, colourful, and cuddly, then I'm all about it!

Why we love

Texas Sun Crafts

Leah's beautiful makes are the stuff of crafting dreams. I always think that gifts like these are extra special due to the care and attention (and many years of practice!) to actually make them. Every item will be a true one of a kind.

I'm especially in love with those leg warmers!


 Thanks for looking! 

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