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Mince pies.jpeg


From the shop owner

Myself and partner have been personal chefs on rock and roll tours for most of our adult working life. We watched the gig & events industry slowly shut down during the pandemic and we needed to think outside the box. With a 2 month old baby in tow, we created Slice on a whim and started taking orders for home baked treats which hasn’t stopped since March! We’re still going and growing stronger than ever. And with a new kitchen premises we can’t wait to see what Have a Slice has in store for you this year.

Why we love


Set up during lockdown, Slice is testament to good things coming out of trying situations! Their sweet treats are next level good. I recently ordered their Halloween box for my kids - and I have to admit, sharing it with them was one of my greatest parenting tests thus far. It was all amazing - and their macarons (a personal well tested favourite of mine) was as good as any that I've scoffed in France. Praise indeed. I definitely recommend that you have a slice.

Or two.

Or three.


 Thanks for looking! 

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