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From the shop owner

Seabirds is a Social Enterprise run by two Brighton women who discovered cold water and the sea as a tool to manage their mental health and become obsessed with everyone else discovering it too. Our Swim shop sells everything you need to get swimming in the sea from swimwear to goggles plus gifts for swimmers.

We try to source ethical and eco friendly products as much as possible and sales from the shop fund our community swimming for wellbeing work.

Why we love


I love this fantastic social enterprise. And with sea-swimming getting more popular with every passing second - this is a fantastic local business to know! With a great community, a wealth of information - and a well-stocked swim shop, their website is well worth a mooch. It's a really great place to go to find gifts for any sea-loving chums!

I personally have yet to take the plunge with sea swimming (don't get me wrong, I love bobbing about in it to cool down on a hot day) but even I would love one of their organic cotton hoodies (screen printed in Brighton), Stainless steel reusable cups or even one of the gorgeous prints from Inky Kat Studio (who is also on Brighton Unwrapped - hello!). And maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to go on one of their Introduction to Sea Swimming courses.

Go and check out their website - there's a whole load of salty delights on there!


 Thanks for looking! 

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