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Mince pies.jpeg
Mince pies.jpeg

Sakura Ceramics

From the shop owner

Hello, I'm Sam and I'm the maker behind Sakura Ceramics. I live in Brighton and make small batch ceramics from my home studio.

My pots are wheel-thrown, using smooth white clay, and fired to stoneware for durability. With a focus on functional work, I make tableware inspired by items I want to use in my daily life. I love pastel shades and try to find a balance between calm and colour in the glazes I work with. I'm also drawn to forms with soft curves so that pieces can rest comfortably in your hands.

Why we love

Sakura Ceramics

I don't know what it is at the moment but I am a little bit obsessed with ceramics. Sam's tableware is just so damn gorgeous. I feel a wave of calm just looking at those perfectly plump mugs. And the pale stoneware next to the chic pastel glazes are quite simply pottery perfection.

I dream of owning really lovely earthenware when I'm a proper grown up - and, at 42, I think it's safe to say my pottery clock is definitely ticking.


 Thanks for looking! 

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