Pull and Pin

From the shop owner

I am a slow artist on a mission to help us to slow down and make time for our self care using creativity.

Using my signature slow stitching technique, I create meticulously handcrafted textile works for you and your home. I am inspired by slow art and mindful art to create work with a strong emphasis on the process. My works are created using an intuitive and organic method to create unique, one of a kind exquisite art.

Why we love

Pull and Pin

I love that Pull and Pin is more than a shop - it's a way of life! Saj's slow stitched work makes me feel calmer just by looking at it. These beautiful brooches and artworks are the antitheses to today's fast consumer culture. I really love this visual celebration of a slower pace.
And if you want to actively take part in slowing down (slowly, of course!), Pull and Pin also sell their own gorgeous Slow Stitch Kits. I think this would make a truly lovely gift.


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