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Pearl's Drapery

From the shop owner

My name is Debbie and I used to own a knitting shop called Purl in Brighton.
When I closed Purl in 2012, I decided that I wanted to explore Textiles further and learn other crafts and how to knit on a knitting machine.

I started a textiles degree at Brighton University in 2017, I am now in my final year, finishing my degree off online..............

I needed to earn some extra cash to support me through uni and have always loved making clothes.
I made a couple of quilted sweatshirts for friends and then posted them onto instagram and facebook and I have now created a sweatshirt making business to help support me through my final year of my knitwear degree.

Why we love

Pearl's Drapery

I love the soft lines and relaxed style of Pearl's Drapery. I can just imagine throwing on one of her gorgeous quilted sweatshirts and heading off for a blustery walk on the beach. A real lifestyle piece that I think would become a firm favourite in anyone's wardrobe. Handmade in Brighton, they make the perfect gift for a best friend - or yourself!

Head to Debbie's Etsy page to take a mooch through her gorgeous collection of sweatshirts.


 Thanks for looking! 

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