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Papier Maverick

From the shop owner

I make quirky, eco-friendly papier mache figures that provide a humorous take on contemporary living. Often mounted on reclaimed boxes and cylinders, Mavericks are usually captioned and plinths double as boxes for odds and sods - thus combining ridiculousness with downright practicality. I’m passionate about the craft of papier mache. As an eco-warrior, I don’t want to waste resources and I love the fact you can make more or less anything from glue and old newspapers and boxes. The only limit is your imagination. If you live in Brighton & Hove, I may be able to deliver in person and I accept commissions!

Why we love

Papier Maverick

Quoted by the artist herself, Papier Maverick is 'papier mache gone feral' - and I don't think I can put it any better myself. Ann loves nothing more than making 'rogue ballerinas, punk Buddhas, odd birds and stray dogs'. (It sounds like a regular afternoon on St James' Street to me.) The mavericks are brimming with the character that Brighton is famous for, all cleverly crafted out of papier mache and popped on a plinth.

If you don't fancy going all out Maverick on your mantle piece, there is now a great card selection on Ann's Etsy site, so you can easily cheer up a chum with a small slice of maverick joy.

To see the full range of mavericks and card collection, head over to their home on Etsy.


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