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Mince pies.jpeg

Otti Shop

From the shop owner

Otti shop is a place where I share my needle punch creations. Based in Brighton I create beautiful, colourful cushions, wall hangings and rugs inspired by the Sussex countryside, the sea, travel and family.
I also offer a bespoke cushion service. Working with you to capture a special memory, place or person. It is a wonderful process and creates a truly unique cushion design which is incredibly personal and I hope offers comfort and brings joy. These are made with 100% wool.

Why we love

Otti Shop

I have to admit to having a little bit of a soft spot for needle punch - it's just so damn joyous! A colour and texture riot that cannot help but put a smile on you face. I love Otti Shop's designs - adding a pop of colour and knowing local nod to your interiors. And with handmade rugs, wall hangings and cushions, there's some punch needle love to suit everyone.

Rosie also takes commissions with her bespoke cushion service - where you can encapsulate any special memory/person/place in needle punch form. A unique gift that really packs a punch (I tried really hard not to go there but come on, I'm only human).

Clickity click on the Shop button and go and take a look at the Ottie Shop Etsy page - it's an absolute beauty!


 Thanks for looking! 

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