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One South

From the shop owner

When we couldn't find affordable rash guards that were made from recycled material, we decided to make them ourselves.

Our rash guards and gym wear is made from recycled ocean waste such as plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets and our apparel is largely made from a recycled cotton/ polyester blend.

One South is based in Brighton, England, surrounded by the sea and the South Downs. We like minimal design and clean lines. Drawing inspiration from counterculture and our common interests - BJJ, Skateboarding, Music, Architecture, Literature, and the Outdoors, our goal is to make simple and sustainable apparel easily available whilst giving back to the community. We will be donating a portion of our sales to selected charities.

Why we love

One South

This year getting outdoors has been more important than ever before! And I think we've all really embraced it - pretty much everyone I know has bought a paddle board or a dog (or both!). When I saw that there was a sustainable, affordable outwear brand designed in Brighton, I thought it was a great idea. And the fact it's produced using recycled materials and ocean waste, made me love One South all the more.

Perfect gifting for anyone that loves the outdoors
(and equally good for those that like sitting on the sofa in a comfy hoodie - like me).


 Thanks for looking! 

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