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Old Tree Brewery

From the shop owner

Old Tree Brewery is Brighton's only kombucha brewery, fermenting a range of delicious, live kombuchas, seasonal wines, cordials, and infused vinegars. We use many locally grown and foraged ingredients in the creation of our drinks, and we close the loop by composting all organic brewery waste for the nearby community garden.

Sales of our products go toward supporting Old Tree composting, gardening, and hedgerow planting projects around Sussex. Enjoy!

Why we love

Old Tree Brewery

I don't think you can get more Brighton than a social enterprise kombucha brewery (they are a lovely bunch that give back to all kinds of excellent eco-system restoration projects). Add to this, seasonal wines, cordials and infused vinegars, and we have plenty of those locally-sourced boxes ticked too. It basically doesn't get more community-spirited and wholesome.

Brewing for the award-winning restaurant Silo for a year means that this amazing collective really know their nettle-beer from their sea-buckthorn. I think it's a really exciting concept - and one that makes for truly beautiful gift-giving. With exciting kombucha flavours, cider gift boxes, t-shirts and even gift vouchers, there's loads of scope for some wonderfully creative gifting. I've personally got my eye on their cool stainless steel cup and elderflower sparkling wine (though I may need to wait for the next elderflower harvesting season for that to come back into stock!).


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