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Océan Bohème

From the shop owner

Océan Bohème is an eco-luxe jewellery brand inspired by the ocean and designed for women who love the sea. The pieces Are made from recycled sterling silver and incorporate sustainable, upcycled shells, seaglass from Brighton beach and further afield and handpicked semi-precious gemstones.

The jewellery comes in 100% plastic free Packaging and a minimum of 5% of profits is donated to marine conservation charities (surfers against sewage and Coral Gardeners).

Why we love

Océan bohème

There's so much to love about Océan bohème, with fantastic eco-credentials and beautiful designs it ticks a whole load of feel-good-boxes. Perfect for the sea-lover in your life.

And with plastic-free packaging and donations to marine conservation charities, Océan Bohème really is the gift that keeps on giving. Gorgeous.


 Thanks for looking! 

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