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Mindful Marbling

From the shop owner

Lisa is a Brighton based artist. She discovered the ancient art of Japanese water marbling whilst studying at Glasgow School of Art and has been practicing ever since. Having also practiced mindfulness and meditation for over a decade, Lisa has combined the relaxing and hypnotic marbling technique with the art of mindfulness to create a Mindful Marbling workshop.

She takes care to create a peaceful, supportive environment within which people can let go of inhibitions and flow with their own creativity. This democratic, inclusive ancient art form with no fixed destination or decisions to be made facilitates people from all walks of life to connect with their creativity, focus and attention. Each participant goes home with unique prints of their own marbling journey and a skill they can then replicate at home.

Why we love

Mindful Marbling

With both prints and cards to buy, Lisa's colour palettes are as beautiful as this traditional Japanese marbling process - or Suminagashi (if you want to get all technical!).

But, what Lisa is really passionate about is sharing this marbling technique in her workshops. Based at her beautiful home studio, Lisa combines her years of mindful and meditation practice with the contemplative art of Suminagashi. She creates a supportive and peaceful environment, where you can reconnect with your own creativity. I think it sounds like the perfect gift for anyone (again, my own family members, please take note!). Not only do they get two hours of perfect down-time learning a new skill, they also come away with their own Suminagashi prints - plus the knowledge to create more at home.

It's the gift that just keeps on giving! And with gift vouchers available too, it couldn't be easier to give someone this gorgeous experience.


 Thanks for looking! 

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