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Marie Murphy Studio

From the shop owner

Marie Murphy an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Brighton, England. Designs usually begin as ideas in a sketchbook with a line drawing or with the use of bold blocks of colour. She then translates these into digital patterns, prints and embroidery. Marie has a deep appreciation for architecture and design. Therefore, she’s influenced by a huge range of artists and designers, as well as her own environment.

Furthermore, Marie is passionate about using the best quality materials for her luxury British-made products. Where possible, she sources materials and works with highly skilled craftspeople in the UK. For example, she has her digitally printed fabric made in Britain, using the latest technology. For her sheepskins, she works with the last tannery in the UK that still employs traditional processing techniques. Small scale producers in the UK carry out her embroidery. Finally, specialists in Brighton print her artwork.

In addition, Marie makes sure her packaging is responsibly sourced. For example, 100% biodegradable and compostable cornstarch cello sleeves are used for all artwork where possible.

Why we love

Marie Murphy Studio

I love the range available at Marie Murphy Studio - this is a local business with many (very stylish) strings to its bow. With luxurious homewares, prints and the most delightful embroidered sheepskin rugs - there's plenty of inspiration for some exquisite gift ideas.

And I absolutely adore the hand embroidered Christmas decorations - they've got me daydreaming about my tree already!


 Thanks for looking! 

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