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Lunar Tidal Calendar

From the shop owner

The Lunar Tidal Calendar is a hand painted visual guide to the tide times and moon cycles.
I swim in the sea most days, year round and I struggle with timetables and guides that have too many numbers and letters, so decided to design a way to quickly and easily find just the right amount of information.
Each page also has sunsets, sunrises, lunar and solar events well as astrological signs corresponding to the new and full moon.
I am donating 10% of the profits to Choose Love, chosen partly because of the work they do helping refugees in the sea.
I am also in the process of designing a visual app, which will additionally have daily weather and wind forecasts.. watch this space!

Why we love

Lunar Tidal Calendar

I love it when an object is born out of an individual necessity - especially when it is as delightful (and useful) as this one! Admittedly you won't find me splashing in the sea in winter but tide times are often checked in this house in relation to best times for rockpooling/sea swimming with my little folk. As beautiful as it is handy, this is a really great gift for any sea-loving friends!

And with 10% of proceeds going to Choose Love, it's ticking all the boxes. Top calendaring!
Orders are currently via Instagram - or you can email


 Thanks for looking! 

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