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Mince pies.jpeg

Lilitoth jewellery

From the shop owner

I graduated from the University of Brighton with an Illustration degree, where we were encouraged to try out as many techniques and materials as we can. I started experimenting with ceramic clay 2 years ago, just for fun at first. I've always loved and collected jewellery, and been making them since I was a child. Combining my obsession for jewellery and working with clay became a passion and a long term goal as a career after I graduated.

My collections usually consist of one-offs, or very limited pieces and designs. My art is inspired by nature's harmonic shapes and colours, and I often combine it with abstract patterns to create something organic but unique.

Why we love

Lilitoth jewellery

There's always something so special about hand made jewellery. With Lili's limited collections, you can be part of something truly unique.

And Lili's talents don't stop there. She also has a small selection of prints, greeting's cards and adorable Christmas decorations (I'm coveting the pom pom stars!).


 Thanks for looking! 

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