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Like Literally Lucy

From the shop owner

Like Literally Lucy’s aim is to make words and images that connect with people, make them smile and remind them that there’s something more to be experienced in life than the everyday grind. Magic, connectivity, presence and a massive stinking dollop of humour are themes that run through her work. She also has written and illustrated two books about mindful creativity, published by Ammonite Press: Creative Space Journal and Exercise Your Demons.

Why we love

Like Literally Lucy

For some reason, Like Literally Lucy really speaks to me - maybe I used to be a cat? (I do like a good nap.) I don't know what it is, but whenever I see any of her work, it always makes me happy. Catching my eye on my Facebook feed, I'm more than a bit thrilled to have Like Literally Lucy here on Brighton Unwrapped. Excellent.

(And it's not just prints, you can also bag yourself a t-shirt too. )


 Thanks for looking! 

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