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Just Daydreaming

From the shop owner

Hello, I’m Claire and I make cute, quirky and motivational laser cut jewellery, prints & accessories.

I have been working hard on my Christmas collection this year and it features over 40 Christmas card designs and 50+ gift sets to choose from, which reflect the ever changing times of 2020 and hopefully bring a smile in an otherwise gloomy year.

Why we love

Just Daydreaming

Claire is actual Brighton crafting royalty. Having run the Fairy Tale Fair in Brighton since 2012, she is well established on the crafting-joy scene.

Just Daydreaming is the 'land of the cute and the quirky' and here, Claire is queen! With an impressive range of cards and gifts, there's something for every occasion (and plenty more for occasions you've never even thought of!). It's bold, bright and beautiful, go and explore.


 Thanks for looking! 

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