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Julie-Ann Smith

From the shop owner

Julie-Ann Smith is a Surface Pattern and Interior Designer based in Hove.

Her signature style celebrates pattern and colour, with a sole love of form and shape. Taking inspirations from mid century design, her surroundings, and the everyday, with the understanding that art has a positive impact on wellbeing and mood. She's aims to design and celebrate fun and friendly abstract compositions, with her practice focusing on homeware products such as tea towels, ceramics and greeting cards, to mural painting and public art.

Why we love

Julie-Ann Smith

I met Julie-Ann at the lovely Craft and Flea market held at St Bartholomew's Church in Brighton. Her designs are so bright and fresh, I was like a moth to a (very colourful) flame! With hand painted coasters, gorgeous tea towels and cards, it's no wonder that I fluttered right on over.

Her homewares, all designed here in Brighton, make for some fantastic local gifting. Julie-Ann also paints stunning murals - I'm currently wishing I had a picnic bench she could paint for me! Go and check out her website and Instagram to see the full collection.


 Thanks for looking! 

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