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Mince pies.jpeg


From the shop owner

J.Cocoa is part of a transparent supply chain, directly trading with farmers and co-operatives ethically sourcing the finest cocoa beans before sustainably handcrafting our chocolate from bean to bar in Hassocks, West Sussex. We carefully roast, crack, grade, winnow, stone grind & conch our single origin beans into chocolate over 2 weeks then let it mature to develop its natural, unique & complex flavours before we temper, mould and package ready to be enjoyed. We make a specific ‘minimal waste for maximum taste’ pledge to protect the environment implementing measures ensuring we only leave big taste impressions on our planet.

Why we love


I met James at Hassocks market and couldn't quite believe the lengths he'd gone to in his pursuit of chocolate perfection. Sourcing the beans, grinding, conching (whatever that is!), the process goes on and on! This is unparalleled chocolate dedication and the result is truly sublime.

The chocolate is, unsurprisingly, absolutely delicious. And, as this is grown up chocolate, the kids might leave you to it! But you don't need to take my humble opinion as J.Cocoa is also award winning - with a Great Taste award 2020 and International chocolate award. And all from a tiny cabin in Hassocks!


 Thanks for looking! 

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