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Mince pies.jpeg

il Gatto Goffo

From the shop owner

We - a clumsy Italian woman with an insatiable sweet tooth (Anna), and a wannabe-Stoic British man with a love of swearing (Oliver) - had recently met and spoke of a desire to fill our lives with creativity, self-determination, responsibility and meaning.

After many twists and turns we started making GiGi's: our small, buttery tarts that we fill with Italian chocolate, handmade preserves and whatever delectable deliciousness takes our fancy. Each GiGi is handcrafted and made to order for the best taste experience.

Harnessing fierce Italian passion and good old British dependability we strive (while trying to keep the kitchen bickering to a minimum) to create products that ignite your senses, bring you joy, inspire your belief and above all are worthy of sharing with the people you care about (not just your alter-ego).

Why we love

il Gatto Goffo

What I love about il Gatto Goffo was that Anna and Oliver obviously had a clear vision from the start. From the beautifully executed buttery tarts - to their elegant branded gift wrapping - this is a couple that wanted to make everything gorgeous from the get go.

Their signature tarts are absolutely stunning to look at - and I can confirm that they taste damn good too! If I had to call it, I think my favourites would have to be The Duke and Memphis Fling (but don't just take my word for it, feel free to do your own research). Their GIGI's are made to order using single-origin Italian chocolate and handmade fruit preserves. Delicious.

With gift boxes of twelve and six - you get to choose from six ridiculously tempting flavours. And as each box is tastefully gift wrapped, they make a really exquisite gift. You can order anytime but delivery days are Friday and Saturday. Delivering exclusively to BN1, BN2 and BN3, it's a truly Brighton and Hove only business. Who ate all the tarts? We did.


 Thanks for looking! 

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