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hello terry

From the shop owner

Hi, I’m Claire, I’m a maker, Mum and Art teacher and a total colour lover! I make playful contemporary jewellery from my home studio in Brighton. I believe that even a tiny pop of colour can really help to enhance your mood and my mission is to help you brighten up your day by wearing a little piece of colourful art!

I love creating easy to wear everyday pieces from polymer clay using simple shapes which feature abstract splashes of pattern and colour. The collection includes statement necklaces, dangle earrings, studs, rings and brooches inspired by modern art and colours and textures from my local seaside surroundings.

Why we love

hello terry

I've had my eye on 'hello terry' for a while now. It's actually really hard not to notice Claire's gorgeously vibrant creations! Colour is always something I associate with Brighton. From the people, to the beach huts, it is positively brazen with its fabulous display of colour. Last week I saw someone in a bright blue ballgown, just shimmying along on a Friday afternoon. So, to me, hello terry's jewellery shouts 'Brighton' in all its kaleidoscope glory - unapologetic and proud! Go Terry.

I genuinely feel happier whenever I see Claire's beautiful items cross my Insta-path. And surely a guaranteed smile is what makes a perfect gift? With jewellery for your most colourful friends - or even for those that take a more monochrome approach - there's something for everyone. Go and check out hello terry's latest editions.


 Thanks for looking! 

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