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Hayfever Flowers

From the shop owner

Hello, I'm Jess of Hayfever Flowers. I'm a qualified florist obsessed with colour - the brighter
and bolder the better. I'm inspired by nature and get excited about hedgerows and the
landscape in general. I'm happiest outdoors.
I believe what grows together, goes together. I make and deliver bouquets to order, each
piece unique and full of surprises that I either grow from seed, forage, or source from other
local growers. I strive to make eco-friendly choices; I never use plastic and my flowers are
grown and not flown.
If you want to be inspired by colour in your home or workplace, I offer a preferential rate for
fortnightly, hand-delivered bouquets. I also specialise in wedding flowers and sympathy
I love what I do and it would be a pleasure to create something special for you.

Why we love

Hayfever Flowers

Jess' beautiful blooms kept popping out at me on Instagram - she really is an artist. I love her ethos too - local, homegrown (where possible), foraged and no plastic!

Having had one of her beautiful wreaths adorn my door last Christmas - and being the lucky recipient of one of her hand tied bouquets recently - I can personally vouch for how gorgeous her floral creations are. Honestly, they are just so special. And it's free delivery around Brighton and Hove (yay!).


 Thanks for looking!