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Greenness Organic Store

From the shop owner

Greenness Organic Store is the merch store of Brighton music duo Greenness in partnership with Teemill, one of the greenest manufacturers in the UK. Thanks to this, all our products are:

- made with certified (and very soft) organic fabrics
- printed on demand in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory
- shipped in plastic-free & recyclable packaging
- eligible for hassle-free returns & exchanges
- designed to be recycled into new garments once worn out
- sourced fairly & ethically (SA8000 Certified - Social Accountability audit)

We create exclusive original artwork, where handmade drawings meet digital design. This reflects our approach to music, half acoustic and half electronic - rooted in ancient rituals, yet experimental and forward-looking.

We hope you will enjoy perusing these collections, and wish to thank you again for spending a little time with us!

Why we love

Greenness Organic Store

With a beautiful logo and top environmental credentials, this is a brand worth buying into.

And this way you get to support both musicians and artists at the same time - double win.


 Thanks for looking! 

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