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Gisel & The Fish

From the shop owner

Gisel & The Fish are a Hove based brand, making fun handmade, unisex children's clothing. They offer something different; creating clothing that is stylish as well as super cute for your babes! Their clothes are made for all weathers, all genders & all sizes – clothes that stand the test of time, spanning more months than standard kids clothing so they can be worn over and over again.

Sustainability is something Gisel & The Fish feel very passionate about, and they have thought about it throughout the design process & manufacturing. All the prints are designed in-house by Carla, either hand drawing or using CAD, with a retro influence – focusing on a bright & colourful aesthetic. Colour is key to all of their designs – as kids clothes shouldn’t be boring. Gisel & The Fish - for the cool kids out there.

Why we love

Gisel & The Fish

With gorgeous bright designs, Gisel & The Fish really stand out (like, from about a mile away!)! I'm absolutely loving the Sgt. Pepper's vibes! There's definitely no 'Sad Beige' trend going on here (yes, apparently it's a thing!). Their designs are all about the joy and colour of childhood - and they promise to withstand that joy too (yay!). I'm half hoping they start an adult collection at some point too - who doesn't want all the colour?!

They also really value sustainability all the way through the manufacturing process too - so a big tick there!

Gisel & The Fish's clothes make such fantastic gifts - perfect for any small people that you know! Go and check out their latest collection.


 Thanks for looking! 

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