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Ellie Seymour Secret Travel Guides

From the shop owner

Hello! I’m a travel writer, travel blogger and guidebook author based in Brighton. I write about secret Brighton, secret Sussex and other (mostly) travel-related curiosities that catch my eye over at my blog, Ellie & Co. I am the author of two gift-worthy travel guidebooks, Secret Brighton and Secret Sussex. Both take you off-the beaten path away from the tourist crowds in search of the overlooked. I’ve always loved hunting out beautiful, unusual and unique places I haven’t heard about too much, when I travel. I’ve been known to go miles out of my way to discover the most bizarre sight.

Why we love

Ellie Seymour Secret Travel Guides

I am a right sucker for a travel guide. And at the moment, reading either of these books would bring me pure joy. I'm always up for learning about secret destinations - and ones on my doorstep, in the current climate, sounds more than ideal. And, as we're all about appreciating our own backyards for the near future, what better time to add these fantastic travel books to your collection.

Ellie's newest book, Secret Sussex, has only just been released and has 150 unique, overlooked places to discover, including hidden wineries and unique cafes, bars and restaurants. What a fantastic gift for a friend as we tentatively edge towards the loosening of lockdown (and there will be no judgement here for bagging one of these beauties for yourself!).

Go and check out Ellie's blog and bag yourself a book whilst you're there!


 Thanks for looking! 

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