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Mince pies.jpeg
Mince pies.jpeg

Connie & Cooper

From the shop owner

C&C are a two woman bespoke catering and artisan baking company. Connie Devlin and Natasha nee Cooper are Sussex girls who just LOVE food! That is making it tasting it and talking about it.

We care about where it comes from and how it makes you feel. How it tastes and how we present it to you.

Why we love

Connie & Cooper

Whether it's a seasonal picnic crate, afternoon tea, cupcakes, brownies or a celebration cake, C&C's gorgeous food tastes as beautiful as it looks (and oh my, it looks absolutely gorgeous!).

Delivering for free locally, they really do go above and beyond! I speak from experience here having ordered a picnic crate for my husband's 40th. Delivering to the wilds of Sussex, it was a pure piece of culinary magic. The attention to detail is really something very special.

The perfect gift for the foodie in your life.


 Thanks for looking! 

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