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Choose Joy

From the shop owner

Handmade positive prints - to uplift and inspire! Positive affirmations, quotes and joyous celebration greeting cards. These cards were lovingly made with the hope to promote and inspire positivity and self care!

Spread around your homes as a reminder of how wonderful you are, or send to loved ones as an uplifting message!

Why we love

Choose Joy

Spreading little bits of joy around willy-nilly, we admire (and need) Rose's positivity. I love her set of 10 handmade prints - that way you can pop a little bit of positivity in every room (and still have some left over!).

With handmade greeting cards, gift postcards or even framed affirmations, there's plenty of ways to share some good vibes. And in a year where positivity has paid dividends, Choose Joy is a lovely way to spread some cheer!


 Thanks for looking! 

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