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By These Fair Hands

From the shop owner

Hello! I’m Emma, I run By These Fair Hands, (TFH). I’m what you call a ‘jack of all trades’, I’m a former screen printer, turned jeweller, painter and potter-wannabe. I just can’t stop making!

I take influences from history, nature, print, architecture and my mums jewellery from the 80’s! It’s an eclectic mix that’s ever changing and growing.

In addition I run small group workshops, which has now extended to online, teaching how to make statement earrings out of polymer clay.

Why we love

By These Fair Hands

I love how Emma doesn't limit herself to one craft, she's rolling her sleeves up and sticking her fingers in all the crafting pies! The eclectic range means there is always something new - I've just been on to her site and now there's some bright tutti frutti statement rings and 80's style earrings! Excellent.

Go and take a rummage on her website, you never know what you'll find!


 Thanks for looking!