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Mince pies.jpeg

Bennita Adair George

From the shop owner

Specialising in Jesmonite, Bennita’s independent homeware brand represents a fun and bold style, with products full of personality. From Stackable Dishes to Pet Bowls, each piece is carefully handmade and produced with sustainability in mind.

With a wide range of colours and marbles to choose from, her brand represents individuality and highlights how functional homeware needn’t be boring.

Why we love

Bennita Adair George

I love colour, so Bennita's gorgeous homewares definitely struck a happy chord with me. It's so full of character, I half expect it to leap up and give me a high-five! And I am personally a little bit in love with her candy-coloured cylinder pots. I want all of them.

With coasters, stackable dishes, gorgeous marbled trays - and even a petware range - Bennita's website is a veritable treasure trove of gifting gold. I highly recommend a mooch.


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