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Mince pies.jpeg

Anna Soba

From the shop owner

Hello there!

I’m an illustrator and printmaker based in Brighton, but originally from Poland.

I work in my little home-studio in Kemptown and I’m a bit obsessed with cats, plants, tigers and nudes. My work for a long time was predominantly black and white but it’s changed recently. I use variety of mediums, from analog and digital drawings to printmaking and painting. I recently started to paint on reclaimed clothing and terracotta plant pots. I love working on window displays and murals.

Why we love

Anna Soba

What I love most about Anna's work is the freedom of it. I find absolute joy in her art - and love the personalities that leap off the page (often shaking dangly bits). I follow Anna on Instagram and I love that I never quite know what will pop up next.

Scrolling through her Etsy page, I can see so many great gifts - all with Anna's wonderful stamp of individuality. Perfect for friends that love cats, tigers, nudes and general mayhem (which I think is most of my friend-bases covered. Excellent). I've personally got my eye on her 'Bad boyz aka Five Bastards' print!

Go and check out her shop - and give her a follow on Instagram (you won't regret it!).


 Thanks for looking! 

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