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I am a crafter in fabrics and enjoy being creative across a wide range of household and personal items, including children’s wear. I can make pretty much anything but am specially known for my bags, quilting and patchwork projects. I love purchasing new fabrics and seeing the potential in them for constructing things that are both beautiful and practical. My plan is to relaunch my Etsy shop after March next year, and establish myself on Instagram when time permits, so anything I make on commission can be done through private approach via Facebook. In the meantime, viewers are welcome to browse some of my work on Pinterest, which can be found via internet link under my label Amaranthus Products

Why we love


Amanda is a true seamstress who, in her own words, can 'make pretty much anything'. I can only dream of such skill! This is clearly someone that has taken time to master her craft.

I love her sweet children's dresses with matching little shoulder strap purse - perfect for transporting Lego men/anything small and shiny/a custard cream.


 Thanks for looking! 

Yes please to updates from Brighton Unwrapped!

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