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About me.

Hello. I'm Denise, a Midlander that decamped to Brighton about 18 years ago. I'm a mum to two beautiful cretins - and I'm an avid (albeit slightly ungifted) crafter. I recently wanted to make some bags to sell and realised that cutting through Etsy and the like was going to be tricky - and I might end up a bit buried at the bottom of the pile. That led me to think about the other crafters in Brighton that might be in the same invisible boat. With people wanting to gift local, I thought I'd make a website to connect the local making community with those that want to buy locally. This website will point you in the right direction whilst displaying some of the beautiful items available on your doorstep. 

I am currently listing new makers so you can also apply here (please note that I can't always add everyone - I need to keep a fine balance of what's on there!). But I will get back to everyone that contacts me - it's only polite! Also, please be aware that I have recently had to add a listing fee of £10 per year (I used to do it totally for free but the cost of hosting has built up over the years!). I'm hoping this amount is affordable for everybody! 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @brightonunwrapped, as when I catch up with myself I will go on the lookout (starting with any crafting followers that I spot on Instagram!).


Thanks so much for all your support - what a fantastic community of makers we have in Brighton! 

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